New VP at Lakeside Outreach

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

After 13 years teaching at Kinuso School, Jessi Cardinal is trying something different; she’s the new vice principal at Slave Lake’s Lakeside Outreach School.
“I feel really privileged to be here,” she says.
In addition to her administrative duties, Cardinal also teaches “the humanities,” with some gym and CTS thrown in. In a small school with a small staff, a variety of duties in inevitable. The math and science, though, she leaves to teacher Heather Wright, who she says does a great job.
Jessi grew up in Edmonton, but with strong connections to the North Country Fair people in Joussard.
“My mom is Carol Weatherall,” she says. Weatherall is the longtime artistic director of the North Country Fair.
In fact it was attending planning meetings of the fair with their parents that she and future husband Tahza Cardinal first became acquainted. He’s a success coach for the HPSD, working at Kinuso School. They have three children, aged 14, 11 and six.
Jessi got a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Alberta, and followed that up with a diploma in French 10 years ago.
“Right now I’m working on a master’s in education administration and leadership,” she says.
After graduating she worked three months in Korea, then taught for a time at the North Country School in Joussard.
Outside of work and family, Jessi says she enjoys volunteering and recently joined the Stage North Association in Slave Lake, which organizes a series of concerts at the Legacy Centre.

Jessi Cardinal

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