New year, same stuff

‘The world survives into another day,’ said Bruce Cockburn in his song ‘Wondering Where the Lions Are.’ Here we are 42-odd years later, surviving into another year. Nobody can say what 2022 will bring, and that’s probably a good thing. It’s also been said if people knew what their future held in store for them, a lot of them might go jump off a bridge. It’s a blessing we don’t know; it allows us to hope for the best.

But even as weird as things are, there is plenty to be happy about and thankful for, as a new year commences. Weather may not be one of them. On the other hand, a long cold spell is bad for the mountain pine beetle! So…good for the pine trees and who doesn’t like a healthy pine forest?

Most of us have decent jobs, are able to pay the bills, keep the lights on and the furnace on. There is room in our lives for a bit of charity, which – as noted above – can make a big difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Otherwise….will we see some new things in the economic development line this year? That bio-diesel project at the Mitsue Industrial Park has gone very quiet after a flurry of optimistic pronouncements a year or so ago.

Construction? The surge in building that resulted in lumber and panelboard prices going through the roof last year acted as a brake on the very thing that caused it. Maybe there’ll be more building using other materials?

On the tourism front, COVID factors seem likely to induce a third straight season of bigger-than-normal interest in camping and touring at home for Albertans. If you have a big lake, with campgrounds, they will come!

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