No endorsements here

The Leader stays away, as a rule, from endorsing one candidate or group of candidates, or party, at any level of politics. We try to inform our readers as fairly as possible about who is running.
It is tempting, sometimes, to be brutally candid about how one candidate or another might come across. But it would probably do more harm than good, and our view is we are all in the same business; that is trying to make our communities better. Running people down, making fun of them and so on – does not accomplish this.
Voters will make their decisions based on a variety of factors. A few will inform themselves by attending candidate forums and asking questions. A few will benefit (we hope) from the candidate profiles that appear in this newspaper. Others will meet candidates at their doors, read campaign literature and so on.
Many others, we suspect, aren’t informed, don’t care and don’t participate. In fact one candidate said the other day in his door-knocking he’s hearing questions such as: ‘What’s council? What’s the M.D?’
There you go.


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