No more free subscriptions for town residents

If you’re wondering (okay – even if you weren’t) why municipalities are talking about not putting their public notices in the local paper, here’s why: the provincial government revamped the Municipal Government Act last year. The new MGA no longer requires municipal governments to do it; rather, they have to use whatever means reaches ‘substantially all’ of the residents. So, with the notion out there that many or most people do not seek their news primarily from a newspaper anymore, plus the chance to save some money, it was probably inevitable the town would try to get the same bang for less buck via online methods of notification.

So two things are happening. The ‘Town Page’ as you know it in The Leader will disappear. The other thing is the free subscriptions to Slave Lake residents will end. This was being done by us (The Leader) under contract with the town, at a per-subscription rate that was well below the cost of producing and mailing the papers. So the publishers of the paper decided they would need a substantial increase in the rate to keep doing it. The town wasn’t willing to do that; hence the termination of the contract. The free subscription system for M.D. residents remains in place.

The Leader will continue to be available via paid subscription and at newsstands. Come on by the office and we’ll be happy to sign you up.

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