No results in Fawcett Lake search

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The search for a missing canoer on Fawcett Lake has come up empty. The search focused on the area around where the man’s canoe was found, says RCMP Sgt. Don Racette.

“We had a dive team in on Friday (Oct. 16),” he says, using sonar. But it turned up nothing of significance.

The water is very murky, Racette says, and icing over, so further searching will have to wait until there is enough ice.

When that happens, Racette continues, somebody can send down a camera or cameras and continue looking around.

“It’s very challenging,” says Racette. “We’ve done as much as we can (for now).”

In other RCMP news, the effort to find the man who accosted a Slave Lake schoolgirl on her lunchbreak has also come up empty.

“There’s not enough information to proceed,” says Racette. “There’s no threat to the community.”

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