Not a day goes by without a siren or two

Leader staff

“This has been a very busy week.”

That was Lesser Slave Lake Regional Fire Services Chief Alex Pavcek, responding to a query about all the sirens that had been heard over two or three days, at the end of the last full week in August.

“Sunday crews from Slave Lake and Widewater responded to a motor vehicle collision near the Widewater Complex around 4 a.m. While on scene we were requested to respond to Mitsue Industrial Park for a fire at Tolko. Crews from Widewater, Slave Lake, Mitsue and Smith responded. We did assist their Emergency Response team with a fire in the building. After crews returned to their stations, around 11 a.m. we were requested to assist with a fire near Driftpile.

“Later Sunday, we again responded to Tolko to assist with a fire inside the building. Crews from Widewater, Slave Lake and Mitsue responded this time. Monday evening crews in Slave Lake responded for a structure fire in Lynnwood, and Tuesday for a Fire on 1A AVE SE. Along with these fires we have had a couple of alarm calls. Keeping our crews busy this week, similar to the rest of 2020 so far.”

One response Pavcek didn’t mention was a motor vehicle collision in town at the intersection of 6th Ave. NE and 6th St. (see photo).

Fender bender at 6th and 6th NE.

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