Not a suggestion

Looking around for ideas for this space last week we came across an ad (or was it what they call a ‘meme?’) on school bus safety. ‘This is not a suggestion!’ said the caption under a picture of a bus driver hanging out his window and pointing to the STOP sign extended from the side of the bus.

Stop, or else!, in other words. The ‘or else’ amounts to a stiff fine, not to mention loss of points. Unfortunately that isn’t the only price to pay. Sometime, somewhere, a child getting off a school bus – or maybe running to get on it – will be struck down by a vehicle whose driver wasn’t paying attention. No amount of financial penalty, jail time or loss of driving privilege can make up for that.

Whatever its source, the advertisement is an effort to raise awareness. Those efforts must be made, however effective they may or may not be. There are not a lot of things (it seems) that the whole works of us can agree on. But the safety of children should be right up there near 100 per cent.

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