Notes from the legislature: Feeling the weight of inflation

Pat Rehn
MLA for Lesser Slave Lake

Premier Danielle Smith has repeatedly outlined that while our economy as a whole is steaming ahead, Albertan families are feeling the weight of inflation on their pockets.

Premier Smith intends to tackle this with actions such as indexing our income tax to reflect inflationary trends and put more back in Albertan pockets, and lowering taxes to assure that this winter Albertans do not need to face any hard choices because of federal monetary policy. Our Alberta government will continue fighting hard for everyday Albertans left behind by Ottawa’s spendthrift policies driving inflation.

During the previous month Alberta continued with its nation-leading jobs growth, with unemployment declining provincially by 0.3 per cent last month and over 14,000 new full time jobs being created in Alberta. Month after month I’ve been proud to see the jobs reports for our province, indicating that Albertans are back to work, opportunities are back on the table for enhanced community prosperity and that our government is eager to continue fighting for an even more robust recovery that brings opportunities to communities across Lesser Slave Lake.

Our government is also now devoting it’s energy to the task of connecting Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray in a new robust economic corridor. It will almost certainly involve economic opportunities and new infrastructure for Lesser Slave Lake through completing Highway 686 and expanding infrastructure eastwards from our constituency towards Fort McMurray. It will bring commercial traffic opportunities to Red Earth Creek and the Peerless-Trout First Nation. I am eager to see further developments in this direction and hope communities across Lesser Slave Lake can support such an initiative, as it gets further explored by the Alberta government.

It was an honour to participate in this year’s Remembrance Day celebrations across our constituency and take the time to reflect on the honorable legacies of those from across Lesser Slave Lake and our confederation who put forward their best in the principle of selflessness and sacrifice in light of great challenges. Remembrance Day is reflecting on the virtues in Canada these brave men and women put their bodies and lives on the line for and ensuring that both these virtues they fought for and the sacrifices they made are never forgotten and instead held dear as examples for future generations.

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