Notes from the MLA: Our government is focused on your priorities in fall legislative session

Danielle Larivee
MLA for Lesser Slave Lake

Two weeks ago, I joined MLAs from across Alberta at the Legislature to begin what is already shaping up to be a busy and exciting legislative session. During this session, my colleagues in our government and I will be focused on your priorities: jobs, affordability, and strengthening the public services families count on, like health care and education. We’ll be introducing over a dozen bills, with each bill focused on making life better for everyday Albertans.
We’ve already introduced a bill to protect children and youth who want to start or join a Gay-Straight Alliance at their school from being outed. I know it’s frustrating for a lot of people, myself included, that we are still fighting this fight. In today’s Alberta, we support and protect each other. We don’t pick on kids and we don’t divide people based on who they love. That’s why our government is working to ensure that every child has a welcome, caring and safe place to learn. We aren’t going to let anyone out gay kids.
We’ve also passed a law to protect gas and convenience store workers. Over the past three years, “gas-and-dash” incidents and robberies at both urban and rural locations across Alberta have resulted in five worker deaths and serious injuries to three other workers. Our hearts break when we see incidents of violence involving workers. That’s why we are taking action to increase safety for these hard-working Albertans by introducing violence-prevention plans and pre-payment options for fuel.
You are also going to see us bring in new measures to help defend people and families against fraud, scams and misleading, high-pressure sales tactics. Since we brought in our ban of door-to-door energy sales, Albertans have asked us to look for other ways we can better defend people when they’re making purchases or signing contracts. Albertans deserve to be protected when they make important purchases and sign important contracts.
As we focus on making things better in the fall session, our colleagues in the opposition are focused on proposing extreme and risky cuts. They would hurt our economic recovery and do real damage to health care, education and Alberta’s future, so they can give big tax giveaways to their friends at the top. Their new leader Jason Kenney opposes almost everything our government has done to make life better for families. It’s clear that they want to make life harder for everyday Albertans.
That’s why our government is going to stay focused on making life better for people here in Lesser Slave Lake, and across the province. There’s more work to be done, but our plan is working. Our economy is looking up. Jobs are up.
Since the depths of the recession, Alberta has created nearly 72,000 full-time jobs. In October alone, we added 12,000 net new jobs. We are going to remain focused on creating jobs, diversifying our economy and protecting the things that matter to Albertans.



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