Obituary – Lesley Helen Geiger

October 21, 1947 – February 21, 2019

It is with a heavy heart that I wish to sign off for Lesley Geiger. She was born October 21, 1947 and passed out of my life and into my heart forever on February 21, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. We were married April 3, 1972. Lesley came down with pancreatic cancer and was gone in two months. It was quick and she was heavily sedated the whole time.

I knew and was married to Lesley for 49 years and we had many adventures and experiences together and I will miss her horribly. She was a special person and her whole life was dedicated to helping others, with twenty years of working for the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre and for Slave Lake Native Counselling Service as a court assistance worker. She was awarded the Slave Lake citizen of the year and was also the Slave Lake scrabble champion.

When my job transferred me to Calgary and we moved to Strathmore and she hired on with the Strathmore Women’s shelter here in Strathmore. She worked as a counselor with battered women for about fifteen years, and she was a tremendous support for hundreds if not thousands of battered women. She was loved by all the women that she helped when these women were at the lowest point in their lives. Almost every time we went shopping she ran into former clients that would hug her.

This lady was my love and support for almost 47 years of my life, we worked together as a team and supported each other in good times and bad. She will leave a big hole in the lives of our three daughters Donna, Barbara, and Jennifer.

I am saying good-bye to my wife, friend, support and 100% of my life for 47 years of marriage, and two years of close friendship.

Good-bye my love, rest easy, you were loved by all that knew you. I will join you soon.

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