Obituary – Zuberbier, Christopher Anthony

Born: June 29, 1989
Passed: July 17, 2009
Christopher Anthony Zuberbier was born to Gwen and Randy Zuberbier on June 29, 1989. He weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces. His residence has always been in Widewater. Christopher attended kindergarten to grade 12 in Slave Lake and graduated in 2008 along with his brother Patrick and many others that he started school with. He was the recipient of the Jamie Luken scholarship which he accepted with great pride. He was also voted “most likely to become a millionaire” and we know that he accomplished this because Jesus has presented him with his gold crown in Heaven. He also completed his 1st year of heavy duty mechanics at the Fairview College last year with his brother and cousin Dallas. Patrick and Christopher were scheduled to complete their 2nd year this fall. During this time of schooling Chris developed and remained close friends with a lot of his classmates. They became a family and always looked out for one another. He was fortunate to be able to enrol in the RAP program in high school and was given the opportunity to work towards a trade in heavy duty mechanics. Schaeffer mechanical hired him in grade 10 and Shawn and Kevin became his mentors. He became a loyal and dedicated employee, the only problem was his paperwork skills. His time sheets were always late and it was obvious that pay was not his only reason for working. The Schaffer’s became a part of his family and he remained a loyal employee.
Christopher learned many skills from his father like carpentry, hunting, fishing and mechanics. His mother also assisted in providing him with life skills like cooking, cleaning and laundry. It proved to be important as it was a great requirement in the first year of college. Randy and Gwen instilled to the boys the value of respect, the significance of a hand shake and the comfort of a hug. Whether it was a “hello hug” or a “good night handshake” it truly was an example of respect. Christopher loved going and spending any holiday especially Christmas with Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma Chere. Shortly after graduation Christopher met the Love of his life – Kassi. He lost his ability to argue, drive fast and the decision of what tires to put on his truck. All indications were they would spend the rest of their lives together and showed a great deal of respect for each other.
The things that remained constant in his life were: The love for his family which was expressed with a hug and “I Love You Mom” the minute that he walked in the door….then he would ask what’s for supper? Food me up Mom….much to Patrick’s disapproval Mom would dish up his plate. The greeting of friends and family the second they drove into the yard….a handshake and a hug then the boys would insist on carrying our luggage no matter how big, heavy or how many there were. Gathering with his friends wether it was for an evening of watching movies or heading out on the quads and skidoos in the winter time. Christopher was predeceased by his Uncle Wade Zuberbier, Uncle Grant Zuberbier and Aunty Laurel Baldwin. He is survived by his Mother Gwen, Father Randy, Brother Patrick, Grandma Chere Zuberbier, Grandpa Lloyd Zuberbier, Grandma Margaret Parenteau, Grandpa Leo Parenteau and numerous Uncles, Aunts, and cousins.
God lent us Christopher for what we feel was a very short time but he made an impact that is worth more than an eternity.

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