Offenders get a break – peace bonds and a stern reprimand

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
January 4, 2023
Judge S.P. Hinkley

A man agreed to enter a six-month peace bond. The conditions were to keep the peace with a woman with the same surname. Also, if she told him to leave, he must leave immediately and not return until she asked him via text or another written method.

To enter into this type of peace bond, the person has to admit that the victim feared for their safety.

The Crown withdrew a charge of mischief damage under $5,000.

A man dealt with a Wabasca-Desmarais matter via a six-month peace bond. The only condition was to keep the peace.

“Keep the peace and be of good behaviour, which is a legalistic way to say, don’t get into any more trouble,” Judge Hinkley told the man.

The Crown withdrew a charge of resisting a peace officer.

At trial, a man was charged with disobeying an order from the provincial court.

The Crown said that since this happened the man had obeyed the court order. Therefore, instead of asking for a criminal conviction, he would be satisfied with a very strongly worded reprimand from the judge.

Judge Hinkley recognized the man from family court.

“You and I have had some time together,” he said to the man. This is a very big break from the Crown, because you are now doing what you should be doing and he doesn’t want to interrupt that positive momentum.

“My hope is that this is the end of seeing you in criminal court,” he concluded. “Don’t come back.”

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