Official Lists of Candidates for the 2017 Election

M.D. of Lesser Slave River

Reeve – Murray Kerik, Mike Skrynyk

Councillor for Division 1
Robert Esau, Gary Horton, Darren Fulmore, Sandra Melzer, Becky Peiffer

Councillor for Division II
Jeff Commins, Charlotte Measor, Munir Ahmad Mughal, Brad Pearson, Brian Rosche,


Town of Slave Lake Candidates

Mayor – Tyler Warman

Councillor – Darin Busk, Julie Brandle, Bryce Ferguson, Joy McGregor, Khadim Hussein, Shawn Gramlich, Rebecca King


High Prairie School Division Trustee Candidates

Slave Lake Trustee – Joy McGregor, Ali Mouallem, Sean McConnell


Living Waters Catholic School Trustee Candidates

Darrel Ghostkeeper, Florence Gladue

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