One local death from COVID, plus four nearby

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

The week of Feb. 11 to 17, 15 people died from COVID-19 in the AHS North Zone. One was from the M.D. of Lesser Slave River (LSR), and could have been from Slave Lake, Sawridge First Nation, or the M.D. from Assineau to Flatbush. This was the 15th person to die from COVID from LSR. The last LSR death was reported on Jan. 26th. 

Also, four people from municipalities which border LSR died from COVID. These were two from Athabasca County, and one each from Big Lakes County and Westlock County. For COVID numbers, all communities with populations under 10,000 are included within the County or M.D.

The other AHS North Zone deaths were from: M.D. of Smoky River (one), M.D. of Fairview (two), M.D. of Spirit River (one), Grande Prairie County (two), County of Barrhead (two), M.D. of Bonnyville (one), and Fort McMurray (one). 

The majority of the new deceased were men (12). The new AHS North Zone deaths were two men in their 40s, a man in his 50s, a woman and two men in their 60s, a woman and two men in their 70s, and a woman and five men in their 80s.


From Feb. 11 to 17, hospitalizations in the AHS North Zone remained high. At the end of the previous week, there were 134 hospitalizations, including eight in ICU. As of Feb. 17, there were 134 hospitalizations, with six in ICU. 

These numbers do not include anyone from the AHS North Zone in hospital for COVID in Edmonton or other areas outside of the North Zone. 


There was a new outbreak in Athabasca, at Pleasant View Lodge. This brought the outbreaks in Slave Lake and surrounding neighbours up to 13. In Slave Lake, these are Vanderwell Heritage Place, Slave Lake continuing care, and the homeless shelter. The oldest of these three started on Jan. 11. The other two also started in January. In Wabasca, there was one outbreak – Keekenow Seniors Facility. 

All outbreaks remain on the list until four weeks after the last case. The oldest outbreaks (incl. Vanderwell) were added to the list on Jan. 11th.


COVID cases from Feb. 11 to Feb. 17 (active on Feb. 17):

  • Lesser Slave River (incl. Slave Lake and Sawridge) – 19 active (six new, 35 recovered, & one died) – three outbreaks.
  • Big Lakes County – 88 active (36 new, 47 recovered, & one died) – one outbreak.
  • Westlock County – 72 active (36 new, 39 recovered, & one died) – four outbreaks.
  • M.D. of Opportunity – 25 active (13 new & 44 recovered) – one outbreak.
  • Woodlands County – five active (one recovered).
  • Whitecourt – 47 active (16 new & 45 recovered) – one outbreak.
  • Athabasca County – 41 active (13 new, 35 recovered, & two died) – three outbreaks (one new). 
  • Northern Sunrise County – seven active (one new & 11 recovered).

The number of active cases may be higher as not everyone is eligible for PCR tests, which is what the above numbers are based on. Also, the Slave Lake homeless shelter outbreak is not listed on, but has been reported by the Slave Lake Homeless Coalition. 

There were 15 new COVID-19 deaths in the AHS North Zone the week of Feb. 11 to 17. So far in February (17 days), 27 people from the AHS North Zone have died from COVID-19. This is the highest since November. Graph built by Leader staff with statistics from
More men than women have died from COVID-19 in the AHS North Zone. The week of Feb. 11 to 17 was no exception, with 12 out of the 15 people who died were men.

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