Our town at its best

If you want to see the positive side of a community, attend a provincial hockey tournament, like the one held in Slave Lake on the March 23 weekend. If you do, you’ll see all sorts of people setting aside their differences and dislikes, working together to put on something nice. Especially for the local kids on the team, of course, but also for the visitors from all over the province.

A lot of people contribute only by showing up to watch and cheer the local team. But let’s not understate the value of that. There’s a festive, fun, noisy and almost entirely positive atmosphere. It’s the kind of thing that money just can’t buy.

Pretty much everybody walks away with good memories, looking forward to the next time.

People who have never been to town before go home with a strongly positive impression of the place. They might be back on a camping trip or something.

As for the kids on the teams….memories and lessons in teamwork that will last a lifetime.

Speaking of lessons, maybe there’s one in there for all of us. The best, most useful things are not political. The more politics are set aside, the better off a community is.

That sort of philosophy probably only goes so far….but as far as it goes it seems to make a lot of sense, especially if you value basic respect and getting along with other people.

And when it comes to hockey tournaments and positive impressions, how about the Treaty 8 Cup that was held in Slave Lake this past weekend, with something like 35 teams? It might have more to do with location than anything else, but the fact organizers decided to hold the event in Slave Lake again suggests the community made a good impression last year.

How it turned out we didn’t know at the time this was written, but we’re assuming it was another good experience for all.

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