Party leader touts Alberta independence during HP visit

Chris Clegg
For the Lakeside Leader

The best way to a more prosperous Alberta in the future is to leave Canada and go it alone.

So says Paul Hinman, the interim leader of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.

“The central government [in Ottawa] is the demise of our country,” said Hinman, who delivered a speech to a small group in High Prairie April 28.

It doesn’t seem to matter to Hinman whether the Liberals or Conservatives are ruling.

“The same garbage spewed out through the Eastern Empire,” said Hinman, who was certainly not shy in expressing his opinion.

“It doesn’t work,” he continued. “We have to create our own government and country [so] we can work our way out of this.”

The country’s debt is approximatly $2.434 trillion, or $64,087 per person, Hinman said, adding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s policies are “destroying our country.” He asked if all the spending has resulted in more schools and more hospitals.

“We need to take control of our future.”

Hinman and the party favour a provincial police force, a very controversial topic for many.

“The last thing we need is for Justin Trudeau to give orders,” he says, asking if residents would want the police to come seize guns under Trudeau’s order.

Hinman also wants Alberta’s own pension plan and has a way to partly pay for it.

“We send $6.5 billion to Ottawa [each year] and get $3 billion back. That money could be spent and increase seniors’ benefits.”

Hinman is very critical of the lockdown imposed by governments and said if businesses are forced to close, they should not pay any taxes.

“How can they [government] ask you to pay taxes when you can’t operate?

“This is bureaucracy gone crazy,” he added.

“This is so wrong, criminal and unconstitutional.”

Hinman said governments have failed to take into account the human side of lockdowns, citing he knew a youth, 16, who committed suicide because he couldn’t go to school.

“There is far more impact on people’s lives and businesses,” he said.

And, he opposes what he called the “fear-mongering in children” by government during the pandemic.

“The collateral damage is wrong and these people should be held accountable,” he said.

“There should be accountability when it’s done. A new Wildrose government would look at that.”

Hinman believes a new country could get Alberta’s energy to market.

“We have rights as a sovereign nation. Right now, we have no rights as a province.”

As for Premier Jason Kenney, Hinman is not a big fan.

“Do you want to vote for Ottawa’s policies, or for Alberta’s future? A vote for Jason or Rachel is a vote for Ottawa.”

Recall is another policy Wildrose would implement. Recall would occur with a 50 per cent plus one majority of eligible voters signing a petition, said Hinman.

Hinman summed up the current government(s) with harsh words.

“This current government is a rotten, rat-infested ship. People need to step up if they want to do something. Otherwise, it’s the status quo.”

Hinman, born in 1959 in Edmonton, is a politician and small business owner. He is the only person currently seeking the leadership of the Wildrose.

Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta interim leader Paul Hinman, left, chats with Darryl Boisson during a visit to High Prairie April 28.

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