Peace officer update: ‘Junior officer’ badges

July 23, 2020


While on his evening shift, the senior peace officer conducted routine patrols in the area of 5th Ave. and 6th Ave. NW (Slave Lake). He noticed several small children not wearing a bicycle helmet, so he parked his patrol vehicle and decided he would conduct a foot patrol of the entire avenue to interact with the small children and engaging parents by doing door knocks. Part of a positive re-enforcement program, parents were given ‘junior officer’ badges to give to their kids once they put on their helmet.

The interaction between the senior officer and parents was very well received. The children immediately got their helmets, so they can receive their official badges. Nearly two dozen badges were given out to parents that evening with the officer receiving many positive comments from parents for the initiative.

The following day, both peace officers revisited this avenue to say hello to the kids in the park and were excited to see the kids wearing their helmets. Building that trust between town peace officers and community members is of the utmost importance and they will continue to find innovative ways to deliver proactive enforcement and education.

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