Pearson seeks third term on M.D. council

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

“I still feel I have a lot to offer the area,” says incumbent Brad Pearson, about his reason for running for a third term in Division II of the M.D. of Lesser Slave River.

“I am known as a ‘dollars and sense’ councillor dedicated to ensure you are effectively represented at the council table,” says Pearson. “Keeping dollars in your pocket is my priority as is ensuring that our municipality’s direction and associated policies make sense to achieve growth into the future.”

Pearson has several key planks. These are lifestyle quality, growth, affordability, property ownership, rights and responsibilities, and municipal effectiveness combined with community volunteerism.

The main planks remain the same from election to election, says Pearson, but specific projects come and go.

One project that Pearson is proud of is that the M.D. has taken over the lease of the Canyon Creek Harbour and Marina and campground.

“I led the charge,” he says. The federal government put the harbour up for lease. A private company could charge whatever it wanted for mooring fees. M.D. owndership means that the public has “assured access to the water,” adds Pearson. This impacts both affordability and lifestyle quality.

Getting the campgrounds up and running hasn’t been as easy, but these should be operational in 2022.

Division II covers the west end of the M.D. runs from Assineau and Marten Beach to Mitsue.

One of the projects on Pearson’s mind is the Bayer Road waterline. After the 2011 wildfire, a waterline was brought to the area, for future development, but not connected with properties.

“Now it’s time to follow through on that,” says Pearson.

Likewise, Pearson would like to see a sewage system for Poplar Lane. They are on M.D. water, but have septic fields which require large lots. Adding M.D. sewage would allow subdividing to increase affordability and growth, Pearson says.

The south shore has M.D. sewer, but tends to have expensive pump failures, says Pearson. His solution would be M.D.-led insurance.

Pearson wants to increase municipal effectiveness by changing the amount of seats in each division. Division II has about 1,800 people, but Division I has only about 1,200. However, both have three councillors. This is unfair, he says. Instead of changing the geographic line, he suggests changing the number of seats to four (Div. II) and two (Div. I).

Pearson is the third of five generations who have lived in the area. After a career in the oil and gas industry, he retired early.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to serve, and hopefully, continue to serve into our bright future,” says Pearson.

He says, “I’ve had lots of time to offer and give back to the municipality, which is important because in order to do the job properly you need lots of time to prepare – read the background information in order to make informed decisions.”

Pearson is married to Marilyn. He is a father, stepfather, and grandfather.

Pearson’s campaign consists of mailing pamphlets, talking to people, attending the candidate forum, social media, and an advertisement in the newspaper.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to serve, and hopefully, continue to serve into our bright future,” says Pearson.

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