People just want to do something

It was heartening last week to see the outpouring of support – there may be a better word than support, but we can’t think of it – in the wake of the awful highway crash in Saskatchewan that claimed 16 lives. For some, the first time they’d ever heard of the Humboldt Broncos was the same day they found out that a young man from Slave Lake played for the team and the same day they found out he had died in the crash.
As noted before, the incident hit very close to home for all sorts of reasons. Obviously, for those who knew and loved him. For others who didn’t, it was particularly shocking because they or their kids or somebody they know have all spent time in buses just like that hockey team. Going to a game at night, often in bad weather or on snow-covered roads and hoping for the best. It’s what we do. It’s how we live. And sometimes things happen.
You could see how strong the impact was by the response to the various fundraising schemes launched last week. Huge response. Nobody knew what the money would be used for, but it didn’t matter. People just wanted to do something. The same went for the hockey sticks and the green and yellow ribbons. It wasn’t much at all. But at least it was something.

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