Picture a stage and a lot of cars

Sunset Place on the west side of Slave Lake isn’t looking like much yet, but on Aug. 22 there’ll be a stage and hopefully a lot of people for the ‘Hang in There’ Gord Bamford drive-in concert. The grass and weeds have been mowed and the lot smoothed off by some dozer work last week. All it needs now is a stage and whatever else it takes for a drive-in show. One thing is setting up speakers down the rows of vehicles so everybody can enjoy the same quality of sound as if they were up in front of the stage.
On another note, apparently ex-NHLer Marty McSorley is going to be in town for the concert. There’s a video of him and Bamford talking about it over the phone that was on social media last week. Local organizer Shawn Gramlich says expect more of that sort of promotional stuff over the next while. Bamford will be performing “up to three” concerts on that day. As of last Tuesday the first one was about 75 per cent sold out and the second one stood at 25 per cent, Gramlich said.
“Slave Lake’s a last-minute town.”

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