Playing at school, carnival at CJS

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Some Slave Lake elementary students had lots of fun on May 5.

C.J. Schurter Elementary School in Slave Lake held a carnival that day, with tickets they’d earned.

“Students have been earning tickets by demonstrating our value of positive relationships,” says CJS principal, Marlee Adams.

Hunter (left) and Owen (Grade 1) colour at the carnival.
Other activities included a sandbox, toilet paper toss, Lego, and other games.
McDonalds was open and ready to serve at the CJS carnival.
Eddie (Grade 1) shows off a balloon in the balloon pit at the carnival.
Left to right, Aubree (Kindergarten) and Quinn (Grade 1) share a laugh.
Farah (Grade 1) makes a bracelet with pipe cleaners and beads.

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