Playing with fire, interprovincially

Premier Rachel Notley acts as if she knows what she’s doing. Let’s hope her calculations are correct, because threatening to ‘turn off the taps,’ to B.C. is pretty inflammatory stuff. If you say your are going to do something like that, you’d better be prepared to actually do it and accept the consequences, which could be dire.

The consequences for B.C. are of course just as dire or more so. Who blinks first?

One consideration is that the B.C. government is brand new. Notley’s regime is not and it seems quite likely this pipeline brouhaha will be unsolved when the next election rolls around.

Are there better solutions? More oil to the States? More refinement of the product here at home? The refined stuff would still have to be shipped, and somebody in B.C. still wouldn’t be happy about it. One could wish for a bit more resolve on the matter from our federal government.

One thing’s for sure, finger-pointing and accusations of hypocrisy aren’t going to get anything solved. They never do.

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