Police looking for driver whose load fell off and hit another vehicle

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

An insecure load caused some property damage, but thankfully no loss of life on the highway near Slave Lake last week. What happened was an ATV fell off a truck a few kilometres west of town on Hwy. 2 on Jan. 16.
“It fell off and smacked another vehicle going in the opposite direction,” says RCMP Staff Sgt. John Spaans. “The truck took off.”
The quad stayed where it was for several days, spread out along the highway in pieces over a couple hundred yards.
“I don’t know why he hasn’t picked it up yet,” said Spaans on Thursday.
‘He’ being the owner, who is known to police via the machine’s license plate. He was not the driver of the truck. The identity of that person had not yet been determined. Having improperly secured loads is against the law and can have deadly results.
No news yet on break-ins
In other police news, Spaans said a news release is coming in the case of a double break-in/home invasion that happened at a 2nd Ave. SW residence. He said there were still some things that needed to be figured out.
Looking for assault suspect
Punches were thrown at a pub in Slave Lake on Jan. 14, and local RCMP are hoping to find one of the parties involved and have a word with him.
“The incident took place at approximately 2:00 a.m., when a verbal altercation escalated into punches being thrown,” says the release from Sgt. Marlene Brown. “The victim was not seriously injured, but was assessed at the Slave Lake hospital and later released.”
Police would like to hear from anyone who can help them find the other person, and ask if you know anything, please give them a call at 780-849-3999. If you wish to remain anonymous, call the TIPS line, at 1-800-222-8477.
The incident happened at the Fairways lounge in Slave Lake.
Icy crash kills one
A three-vehicle crash during freezing rain on Jan. 18 resulted in serious injuries to one person, RCMP reported. Later, the person – a 29-year-old woman from Edmonton – succumbed to her injuries.
The collision happened about 26 kilometres east of Slave Lake on Hwy. 2. Police said the road was icy at the time. The highway was closed to traffic for a period of time.

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