Poor alternative

Alberta’s Health Minister Tyler Shandro gets points this week for taking the trouble to travel to Slave Lake. He was here to announce a $4.7 million government commitment for a new ambulance facility.

Shandro needs all the help he can get in the credibility department, because he keeps shooting himself in the foot. For example, in his March 22 announcement on the COVID situation (Phase 3 re-opening deferred, etc.), he managed to blame the federal government no less than six times. This says a lot more about what Shandro mistakes for political leadership than it does about the feds’ slowness in providing vaccines.

But throwing darts at the Trudeau government is the easiest thing in the world. Shandro has lots of company in that game, and must think if it helps deflect Albertans’ frustration away from targets closer to home, it’s worth a try!

But what it really does is make the minister look petty. Again, it is a cheap tactic and a poor alternative to real leadership.

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