Potholes particularly bad this spring, but the town has a plan

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Calvin Couturier, the Director of Operations for the Town of Slave Lake, says over the last two weeks the town crews have been conducting pothole repairs all across town. He says with a small amount of staff they are trying to balance steaming of culverts, water breaks, and pothole repairs.
“With the late thaw this year we are getting to potholes later than we have in the past.”
Couturier says the Town of Slave Lake (TOSL) is hearing fewer complaints about potholes than they have in previous years. He anticipates that this is due to residents seeing workers out on the streets fixing the potholes as the TOSL identifies them.
“Potholes are not unique to Slave Lake,” says Couturier. “It is something that all towns have to deal with.”
Potholes occur when warmer temperatures melt snow and the runoff gets into cracks in the pavement. Couturier says at night when the temperature dips below freezing the water in the cracks freezes, and it expands the pavement, causing it to loosen and break apart. The town usually sees more potholes in the higher traffic areas. This includes Main Street, collector roads and the so-called Priority 1 routes.

Unlike main roads, collector roads are designed to provide access to residential properties.
Couturier says when driving, slow down and give TOSL staff on the roads a safe distance to allow the team to do their job.
“We want everyone to be safe on the road, and slowing down in high pothole areas is both beneficial to the driver, and it stops the pothole from getting larger.”
Residents are also reminded that damage to any vehicles caused by potholes are at the expense of the driver. This is why the Town asks residents to avoid potholes while driving or slow down when approaching one.
Residents can submit their pothole complaints via the town’s online mobile application. The app is called ‘My Slave Lake’ and can be downloaded in the app store for free.
The app is compatible with Android and IOS devices. Community members can also give feedback via www.slavelake.ca


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