Price tag shock on the M.D. admin building

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The M.D. of Lesser Slave River central office saga continues and the bill continues to rise. The latest proposal for council’s consideration was for a type of insulated ‘architectural’ metal cladding for the entire building, for a price of $87,000. That was a hard one to swallow for some.

“Do these guys spend all their time looking for the most expensive way of doing something!” exclaimed reeve Murray Kerik.

Bill Klassen, the M.D.’s public works manager, explained it would amount to a “trade-off” with the other option, which would be re-doing the stucco. The metal cladding proposed would also increase the R-value.

Kerik spoke up for much less-expensive types of metal cladding.

“You end up with a pole shed,” said Klassen. “My thing is to make sure we end up with a quality building.”

Councillor Brad Pearson: “Red is red and blue is blue to me (in other words, one kind of tin is as good as another). We’re not building the Taj Mahal here.”

“You could go cheap,” said CAO Allan Winarski, weighing in. “Hell, we could just sell the thing and move into the Lakeland Building again.”

“There is a return on investment,” Klassen said, mentioning the expected efficiencies in heating and cooling. Apparently the building as originally constructed was pretty porous – hence the water, ants and mice that infiltrated.

“I’ve never been a stucco fan,” said councillor Brian Rosche. “It’s an admin. building. It should look better than a shop.”

Council eventually voted 6 – 1 in favour of the proposal for the insulated architectural metal cladding, with Pearson opposed.

“One thing I know,” said councillor Robert Esau. “Since we moved out of the office I can breathe again.”

“It’s already way warmer in there,” said Klassen.

Council meetings have been relocated to the Mitsue Fire hall for the past couple of months. M.D. administration has been relocated partly to a trailer office in the yard and partly to the Visitor Information Centre. The work on the admin. building is expected to last until the end of the year.

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