Provincial animal neglect charges issued to Slave Lake dog owner


On June 11th, 2020 Slave Lake Peace Officers were dispatched to a complaint of a dog attack in the SW part of town. The victim of the attack tied up the dog until the arrival of Peace Officers.

The Peace Officers arrived on scene and took the aggressive dog into their care and placed it in the Slave Lake pound.

During the course of the dog attack investigation, the investigating Peace Officer conducted a visual inspection of the yard where the animal resided and found that the Rottweiler-shepherd cross had been locked inside a dog house with no food, water, ventilation and very little space. The outside temperatures on this day were 20 degrees Celsius, resulting in temperatures into the 30s inside the dog house. Under these extreme conditions, the animal entered into a phase of distress, dehydration and panic resulting in the animal chewing her way through the well-built dog house and finally escaping.

After the Peace Officer concluded his investigation, a request for provincial charges were approved by a Justice of the Peace and formal animal neglect charges were issued under the Animal Protection Act. The animal, which has been surrendered to the Slave Lake Peace Officers, has recovered from its distress and has been turned over to the Slave Lake Animal Rescue Committee, where it will undergo an assessment at another facility. The animal owner faces the following charges:

Failing to provide food and water to his animal under the Animal Protection Act, failing to provide adequate shelter from injurious heat under the Animal Protection Act and failing to provide adequate space and ventilation under the Animal Protection Act.

If convicted, the owner faces a penalty of up to $20,000 and/or a lifetime ban from owning animals. The Slave Lake resident is required to attend court to face his charges on September 30th, 2020.

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