Provincial police force idea has no traction with municipalities

The chorus of boos for the provincial government’s notion of chucking out the RCMP in favour of a provincial police force (PPF) continues to resound. Here’s another one, from Northern Sunrise County councillor Dan Boisvert, as reported recently in the High Prairie South Peace News:

“I think it’s ridiculous to create a provincial police force in these economic times,” Boisvert, said, at a Nov. 30 council meeting.

From what we’ve heard, the lack of support for the PPF is almost universal among municipalities. So why hasn’t the government dropped this hot potato long since? As we’ve said before, there must be more to the story.

The issue for the Kenney government, as far as we know, is control. More control in Edmonton and less in Ottawa. That’s a sort of philosophical pillar of the UCP. Another one, however, is fiscal prudence, and the two things – in this case, at least – seem in direct contradiction.

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