‘Public endangerment:’ Man hits log on Hwy. 2, goes airborne

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Robert Genaille and two passengers were heading home from High Prairie one night in November. It was around 10:30 p.m. and visibility wasn’t great.

Genaille says suddenly there was something in front of the car on the highway. He opted not to slam on the brakes, not wanting to lose control.

The next thing – wham!’ he collided with a big log sitting perpendicular to the road.

“We probably flew 20 feet,” he says.

Genaille figures it had fallen off a log truck. It was about 16 inches in diameter, he says, and the impact of the collision apparently knocked it off the road. It also flattened one of his front tires on impact, and the other one by next day.

“Had it been sitting the other way, we probably would have rolled,” he says.

Genaille says he didn’t call the police, which he now realizes was a mistake. He did contact his MLA’s office (didn’t hear back) and also called the pulp mill to let them know, because he knows somebody there. Whose truck it fell off, and where it was going, though, he doesn’t know.

“Somebody didn’t do their job,” he says, calling it “public endangerment.”

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