Rare gems from The Leader photo archives

We’ve been having some fun lately going through old photos at The Leader. Most aren’t worth saving, but some are and we’ve been scanning them and have put a few online. It’s gotten such a good response we’ll probably keep doing it! Here are a few more.

Not sure what the story was here, but it appears to be in the hot tub at the Northern Lights Aquatic Centre. Taken in 2002.
Peggy McVean looks as if she’s off on a water bombing flight, but she’s just touring the air tanker base, back in 2000 or thereabouts.
It was a tough day for Slave Lake Specialties, back in March of 2002, when their grader went through the ice on Mitsue Lake. It took some effort, but they were able to get it out.
Thanks to our online contributors, we know this photo of the Trans Canada Trail Relay in 1999 has Dave and Susan Auch in it, as well as Jennifer Hayes, Ethel Attfield, and others not identified.
Megan Albers was one of the Roland Michener art class students who painted a mural at the fire hall under the direction of art teacher Helen Gall. Probably in 2002.
Kindergarten cuties… On the back of this photo it said ‘Peerless/Trout,’ so it must be a class in a school in one of those communities.

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