REAL ESTATE TALK with Julie Brandle: Tips for selling your home in a buyer’s market

Julie Brandle
For the Lakeside Leader

Selling your home in a buyer’s market may bring traumatic flashbacks of a high school dance. No matter how much you pretty up, you may find yourself sitting alone on the gym bleachers, feeling ignored. Don’t take it personally – when there are more sellers than buyers – you are in a buyer’s market and patience is key! So, how do you stand out with so many listings competing with you? 1. Offer buyers incentives – Not gonna lie. Sometimes these work great, sometimes they don’t. It depends on the buyer’s situation and what is offered. Some examples of incentives are offering to pay for the buyer’s legal fees or taxes for the year. 2. Price. I cannot stress the importance of pricing your home properly in a Buyer’s market. Today’s buyers are educated about what other comparable listings are selling for which heavily influences the fair market value of your home. Remember to set your list price at today’s market value and not the market value back in 2013/4 when the economy was better and Real Estate was booming! 3. Know your competition. Work with your Realtor® to get educated about the price, and condition of the other homes, your home is up against. Attend open houses to make some real comparisons and view your home from the buyer’s eyes. 4. Declutter. If you read this column with any regularity, you’ll know that I harp on this one a lot. The reason is because most people are visual and they want to be able to see their belongings in the home. Pack up the things you don’t use everyday and put them in storage if possible. 5. Listen to your Realtor®. Its important to find an experienced Real Estate Agent to list your home, one that has a proven successful track record of selling homes. Listen to their recommendations and advice as often as you can.
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