REAL ESTATE TALK with Julie Brandle

Eye catching curb appeal ideas that won’t break your budget this spring

Julie Brandle
For the Lakeside Leader

How Important is Curb Appeal You Ask? Most Buyers today look at photos/videos online first and then drive by the home, if the pictures excite them. And, if You are Selling Your Home this Season, we want them to be excited! A little love in the yard can go a long way -–Landscaping is important to Curb Appeal as the whole picture will be the First Impression. So get out the pruning shears and cut back old growth, put your Christmas decorations that were frozen to your lawn for the last 4 months – away. Put away your hose, add colour with perennials, fix the yellow spots in the lawn, refresh landscaping rocks or bark mulching or create an outdoor seating area with a simple bench and some decorative stones. For the Home, you’ll want to pressure wash dirty siding or stucco, fix or replace hanging siding or shingle pieces, replace torn screens/windows or shutters. Another eye catching way to make the Front Entrance the focal point is to Glam up the Front Door. Fix any rotten trim, repair loose railings, make sure your doorbell works and if it’s in your budget – replace the front door with a coloured one. I often hear buyers refer to the house “with the Red Door” – it’s something that they will remember! I rember reading somewhere that houses with Red Doors Sell Faster than ones that don’t – but I’m not sure that there is actual science behind that statement. Colourful potted or hanging plants also make the home look inviting. House numbers are important when buyers are driving around as well, so make sure yours can be found – especially if there are more than one home for sale on your street. You want the buyer to go to the correct address! Most of these items aren’t very expensive if you do them yourself, however if you don’t feel you have the “green thumb”, hire it out to someone that does and it will pay itself back when you get that offer!
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