Rec centre to close April 17 – 20

Repairs to electrical system

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

This just in from the Town of Slave Lake communications co-ordinator: the local multi-rec centre (MRC) will be closed from April 17th to 20th.
“We should be open again on the 21st,” says Christopher Brown. “The MRC will also be closed on Good Friday (April 14).”
Brown says the reason behind the shut-down is for work to be done on the electric power system. The facility has been limping along on partial power since a cable from the transformer in the parking lot burned up underground on March 14.
“Residents can go online for updates on what is happening,” he says.
In other town news….
In another update, Brown informed us that at the latest July 1st Canada 150th planning session a few decisions were made.
“It was a small intimate group,” he says. “We’ve decided to keep the celebration at Schurter Park. We got our usual funding for fireworks but the Lesser Slave Regional Arts Council (RAC) has decided to host a fundraiser to raise more money so ensure we can celebrate Canada 150 correctly.”
According to Brown there is still work to be done and more planning sessions will be held.
“There should be another meeting at the end of April, but right now we’re taking our marching orders and running with it.”
For more information, call 780-849-8033.

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