Region 5 youth coordinator getting some programs going

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The new youth coordinator for Zone 5 of the Métis Nation of Alberta is Kelsey Hordal. She started in November and is just getting started with a series of programs/activities.

One of them is called Métis Youth Night, and the first one was this past Friday.

“It’s been a slow start,” Hordal says of the new job. One reason is because there was no handover from an experienced person, so she’s had to start from scratch and come up with a plan.

“There were no programs for me to take over,” she says.

The plan is to hold the youth group get-togethers weekly on Friday evenings. Hordal has various fun activities in mind for these, but one thing all of them will have is supper.

“Hamburger soup!” she says, for the first one.

Pizza and movie night is another idea for the youth group nights. Various craft-making activities will be part of it as well. Hordal says she hopes to also have one virtual craft-making activity per month. Feb. 8 is the first one, involving card-making with dot art.

All activities can be found and signed up for on the Métis Region 5 Facebook or Instagram sites, she says.

Originally from northern Manitoba, Hordal did all her schooling in Slave Lake, graduating from Roland Michener in 2016. After high school she spent four years having various adventures in other places, but eventually returned. Another job she had was to set up a restaurant at the Dog Island Brewing site. She also worked in the Summer Splash program with the Town of Slave Lake.

The youth programs are for Métis youth between 12 and 17 years of age. Besides the above-mentioned ways of getting in touch, you can also reach Hordal by email, at

Kelsey Hordal

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