Regional Library board looks to the future, seeks public input

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The regional library board held a brainstorming session with community members earlier this month. According to librarian Kendra McRee it was “a great turnout,” with lots of interesting ideas put forward.

The reason for holding it, she says, was to get input ahead of the library’s next five-year ‘plan of service,’ which is due in 2019.

“It was very helpful!” she says.

For example?

Developing the archives was a subject that came up a lot. Building the collection, promoting it more broadly. Should there be a museum? Should there be an archives society?

Another idea: hold a community event out front, with barbecue, displays, games for the kids and such, perhaps in partnership with other agencies.

Yet another idea had to do with promoting books and reading. A book of the week? Something in the local newspaper?

Getting back to the library’s archive project (it kept coming up), a sort of ‘Remember When?’ feature (also in the local paper) was proposed. It would be some historical image or document that could be featured as an example of what’s in the archive already and what the library would like more of. Stay tuned on that one.

What else?

“People would like more services for newcomers,” says McRee. “And more programs for youth.”

Accessibility for seniors with mobility issues was another concern raised.

“How can we reach out to them?”

All in all it was a very useful session, McRee says, with plenty of food for thought as she and the board work up the next plan of service. Some of the suggestions were more feasible than others, she adds.

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