Remember them? Throwback from 2001

Blast from the past
In a recent edition of The Leader, we asked readers if they recognized any of the wee-ones pictured in a poster for the Slave Lake Recycling program from 2001. Perhaps we’re doing it for the sake of nostalgia or because
hearing people’s perspective on recycling is welcomed. Nonetheless, if you do recognize anyone, feel free to give Jule Asterisk a shout to let her know! In fact, Asterisk was already able to track down three and asked them their current views on green living.


Logan Jonathon Wambolt

“We still live in a disposable society. It’s easier to throw things out than to fix them.”
-Logan Jonathon Wambolt


Michelle Himour

“Recycling has been a really great way of taking care of our environment and we can all help put a hand in helping our world become a better place by separating things like plastics from garbage.”
-Michelle Himour


Ethan Vandesype

“Put waste in the right place!”
-Ethan Vandesype

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