Remember when?

A few years ago The Leader teamed up with the archive in the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Library to run a series of historical photographs that had been donated to the archive.

That lapsed for a while, but archivist Lyndsey Carmichael has agreed to resume the supply of photos. She sent us a couple last week from the Lizzie Hall estate.

The Halls homesteaded in Slave Lake a very long time ago – sometime before the First World War. Their home and fields were where the Cornerstone shopping centre is now.

One of the photos wasn’t in good enough shape to put in the paper. It was of a woman holding a baby, and is entitled, ‘Doris and Hilliard at Grouard, 1915.’ Carmichael doesn’t know who those two people are, but there was a fellow living in Grouard around that time named Allan D. Hilliard, after whom the bay and the provincial park are named.

The second photo (below left) is again of somebody named Doris, this time with Marjory, at Bear Lake. The gals are in their swimming costumes. Which Bear Lake is not indicated. There is one near Grande Prairie.

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