Remote meetings working well

Some notes from the May 13 M.D. of Lesser Slave River council meeting did not make it into the May 20th Leader. We present them here.

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Reeve Murray Kerik spoke about a recent session of the Rural Municipalities Association (RMA) conducted without anybody having to leave home. It worked surprisingly well, he said, even “better than when we’re together in Edmonton.”

Councillor Sandra Melzer, who also participated, said “I was quite impressed – the savings on mileage and hotel rooms!”

Boat launch issues
Kerik said he’d received a call from someone who had been denied access to a boat launch at Fawcett Lake. The M.D. launch there is apparently not suitable, due to low water. The other one requires access through private property. But the launch itself is on municipal reserve land, said CAO Allan Winarski, so it should be accessible to anybody. Winarski said he’d look into it

Heavy tanks
The final item in council’s discussions had to do with heavy oxygen tanks firefighters at the Flatbush hall are required to wear. They weigh 40 pounds, Kerik said, as opposed to the much lighter ones in use previously.
This is too much weight for some of the volunteers.

“Can we get some of the light ones back?”

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