Roaming dogs a concern in county and First Nations

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

Dogs roaming in Big Lakes County and neighbouring First Nations communities could soon face stricter patrols. This after county council approved a recommendation on Aug. 9 to send letters to Kapawe’no and Swan River First Nations, inquiring if they would be interested in entering a fee-for-service agreement on animal control with the county.
“Dogs wander from reserves to the hamlets and dogs from hamlets go on reserve land,” councillor Frank Sutherland said.
“I know Swan River was interested before,” said councillor Ken Killeen.
Kapawe’no borders Grouard and Kinuso is right next to Swan River First Nation.
In recent months the county animal control officer has been unable to resolve many reports of roaming dogs, says a report for council by Pat Olansky, director of planning and development for the county.
“On many occasions, the officer has had requests from Swan River and Kapawe’no for county services for dogs that are known to be strays,” Olansky reported, “or to capture dogs with litters of puppies in order to prevent them from growing up wild and adding to the stray dog population in those communities.”
Olansky’s report went on to recommend that the county pursue an agreement with the two First Nations, as noted above.



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