Back in the fall we reported that EG Wahlstrom School was starting a robotics club. Fast-forward four months or so and we find them doing battle in an event called ‘Robo Rumble,’ using little wheeled devices of their own design. Teams of students had put them together, coded them and then turned them loose in the ring. The two teams with the most points get to compete in the divisional robo rumble in High Prairie on March 11. The teams are the Lucky Eagles and Brick Heads. Pictured are Nathan G., Danni C. and Janina M. of the Lucky Eagles (on the right) and Riley T. Brett O. and Royette O. of the Brick Heads. Their robots are trying to knock each other off the platform.
Says EGW Principal Kris Herbert: “It was an intense battle down to the last round to determine who moves on.”

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