Roland Michener band students attend music festival in California

Submitted by Sarah Carrell

Over a course of six days, 49 band students from Roland Michener, as well as six adults, went on an unforgettable trip to a music festival in Anaheim California.
Visiting The Grammy Museum showed students achievements in music throughout history, and visiting Hollywood Boulevard showed them musicians who will be remembered for a very long time.
These students performed for not only an adjudicator, but for an audience of people in the Disneyland Park. The adjudication offered the students new skills as well as the ability to work as a team, but team building didn’t stop here. The next day, Roland Michener band students were combined with all 15 bands that had attended the festival (550 band students). Here, they were given the opportunity to play select Disney songs, have them recorded, and see their recording play along with the scene from the Disney movie it was from.
Before departing on the trip, all 550 students received The Incredibles sheet music, and sure enough, once at the festival, all 550 students played this tune together as a ‘mass band.’
These projects encouraged these band students from all over Canada to work together and make music, something they all enjoyed. All students who went on this trip, including Roland Michener students, learned a great deal as well as created memories that would last them a lifetime.
It’s the third time band students from the school have made the trip, the first two being in 2011 and 2014.

The Roland Michener band on stage in Anaheim, California.

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