Room for growth in micro-greens, says business owner

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

One of Slave Lake’s newer and more unusual business ventures is Flip Side’s micro-greens venture. Devon Phelps started growing greens in his basement in downtown Slave Lake in March or April of 2020. From germination to harvest is 10 days, and you’ve got a nutritious and tasty package of goodness, selling for a decent price.

Phelps promoted his new products over the summer and fall at farmers’ markets in town. His idea has been to grow the greens on demand – he calls it ‘by subscription’ – delivering pre-ordered amounts to customers. He’s doing that now, he says, as well as selling them from the store on Saturdays.

Sales decreased after farmers’ market season, but he expects it to start growing again. He’s been experimenting and getting better at growing the greens, as well as creating more space to do it.

“This is a time to build,” he says.

The Flip Side is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, with a capacity of five customers at a time (for now).

Two examples of the micro greens growing at The Flipside in Slave Lake.
Photos courtesy of Devon Phelps

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