Rotary NHL Playoff Pool is back on

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

“It’s a go,” says Harry Bartlett, speaking about the Rotary Club of Slave Lake’s NHL playoff pool. It had been in limbo ever since the league canceled the rest of the regular season after the COVID outbreak in March.

But as rumoured, the NHL has a plan for a playoff tournament, beginning sometime later this summer. The exact start date of playoff games isn’t known (or wasn’t as of this writing), so Bartlett can’t give a strict deadline on submitting pool forms. The basic rule, though, is “you have to get entries in before the first game is played.”

The pool will be the same as usual, only different. The same, in that participants pay $10 per entry and choose the 16 players they hope will score more points than anyone else’s 16. Different, in that the playoffs themselves will have more teams and more games. There are two preliminary, or qualifying, rounds before the playoffs proper begin and more than the usual number of teams participating to begin with. Scoring in those prelim rounds will count, Bartlett says. But there’s an exception; overtime games will go according to regular season rules, with a bit of overtime followed by a shoot-out.

“We’re not including shoot-out goals,” he says.

Overtime yes, but shoot-out no.

Once all the preliminary games are done, the playoffs proceed as normal, with no more shoot-outs to decide games.

Entry forms will be (probably are by now) available at The Business Factory and Alimo’s Pizzeria and from Bartlett.

Question? Call Harry at 780-805-0482.

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