Round 2 for John McDermott

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

If the name John McDermott sounds familiar, it probably is. McDermott is the new deputy chief of the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Fire Service, but it’s the second time he’s held that position.

“It’s a bit of a homecoming,” he says. And not just because he was the deputy before (2012 – 13). “This was my first fire department (as a volunteer), in 2000.”

A native of High Prairie, McDermott was until recently married to an RCMP officer (he’s still married to her, but she is retired from the force). The demands of the service resulted in them moving quite often – hence his relatively short stints at various fire departments. These included a time as chief in Big Lakes County and a period working for the fire service in Morinville. He also spent time running his own company.

When his wife Marcia retired in April of this year, the couple decided to settle in Slave Lake. As it happened, there was a vacancy.

“The timing was right,” McDermott says.

Deputy chiefdom involves a little or a lot of pretty much everything. “Supporting the chief and the fire services in the area,” McDermott says. “Operational, training, prevention – everything.”

Deputy Fire Chief John McDermott

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