Rural crime: somebody’s going to end up getting hurt

You can see a situation developing in Alberta that isn’t going to end well for somebody. You could argue that it already hasn’t ended well for a few somebodies. Much in the news lately have been expressions of anger and frustration from rural residents and municipalities over what’s seen as a crime wave. Bad guys are apparently patrolling rural roads, looking for opportunities and striking. It may or may not be happening more than it ever did. Or if it is, it may be a wave that will subside on its own. But besides the anger and frustration, some folks are scared; and scared, angry people with guns sometimes shoot first and ask questions later. We could point to a couple of examples, and no doubt if we did some research we could find plenty.

It’s a sad state of affairs. Once the guns come out, all bets are off. The same could be said for all the ATM thefts that have been happening. People are obviously driving around the country, looking for handy targets and striking. Sooner or later, they’re going to be confronted by a terrified night-watchperson and somebody’s going to get shot.

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