Rural theft victim says ‘lock everything up!’

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Keep your eyes peeled and your car doors locked. You never know when a thief might strike.

That’s what the Torkelsons are probably thinking now, after a brazen theft from their rural property south of Kinuso on Jan. 30.

“Living out in the country, usually we don’t have a problem,” says Tick Torkelson.

Torkelson posted about the incident on social media after transactions with his wife’s cards started showing up. Also missing are her Nissan vehicle keys.

“We don’t know if he’s coming back for that,” Torkelson says.

Torkelson thinks the thief must have struck within a few minutes of his wife returning from shopping in town. She had unloaded her vehicle and was inside the house. When Torkelson arrived home a half hour or so later, he didn’t notice anything. But if the thief had come later in the night, stuff would have been missing from his truck too, and it wasn’t.

The good news is police have “footage of the guy using my cards,” Torkelson says. Other people’s cards too, apparently, suggesting there were other thefts.

“Please be advised to lock everything up, even if you’re living outside of town,” he said in the Facebook post.

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