Safety first for Highway 88

The coffee shop was abuzz late last month with speculation about new signs on the highway that were hidden behind tarps. It could only mean one thing, the thinking went – an announcement on highway improvements that is being held off to coincide with a news release.

Vote buying! That sort of talk.

But it turns out the signs are part of a province-wide campaign to remind drivers they are supposed to slow down to 60 kph when passing vehicles with lights flashing. That includes highway maintenance vehicles, and not just in the near lane, in all lanes!

That doesn’t explain why the signs were tarped for a few days after being put up. It’s some kind of a timing thing.

We asked but didn’t really understand the answer.

Here’s a question: how much is this province-wide safety campaign costing? And: is there anyone who doesn’t already know they’re supposed to slow down to 60 when passing vehicles with lights flashing? Probably there are some, and it continues to be a problem.

The authorities are worried about what could happen. Fair enough.

We’ll just point out that if something isn’t done to improve Hwy. 88 pretty soon, there are going to be a lot more flashing lights out there than there ought to be.

But according to our source, nothing is in the works for that highway, beyond the normal summer maintenance stuff.

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