School division installs vape detectors

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Vape detector are being installed in all High Prairie School Division junior and senior high bathrooms and change rooms. Cameras outside of the rooms will help administration to identify who is vaping in the schools.

At the March 19, High Prairie School Division board of trustees meeting Tammy Henkel, vice-chair, ask administration how the schools will respond when the detectors go off.

Each school administration will come up with a plan, said Murray Murran, HPSD superintendent, but these will line up with the existing tobacco, drug and alcohol rules at the school. Murran is also talking often with the superintendent of a Peace River school division, which has the detectors.

The law in Alberta prohibits the sale of vapes to anyone under the age of 18 and the possession of vapes by minors. However, students vaping in the schools has been a problem.

“We have an epidemic of vaping in our schools,” said Joy McGregor, HPSD chair, at the board’s Nov. 14, 2023 meeting.

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