Schurter School gives $1,000, gets $13,000

Never a dull moment at Gr. 1 – 3 school

Leader staff

Mrs. Dana’s class at C.J. Schurter School had more fun than anyone else on Jan. 30. They earned the privilege of ‘pie-ing’ Mr. Hay by doing the most jumping jacks in a competition between classes in over the period of a week. They did 838. The school did a total of 9,397.
In other school news, CJ Schurter has recycled 10,903 containers this school year so far, earning over $1,000 to be used for field trips.
Also announced at last week’s assembly was that the Friends For Learning Society donated $13,300 to the school. The money was (or will be) used for classroom easels ($1,500), iPads ($4,000), Chromebooks ($4,000), and Agenda prizes ($300); also to help purchase new bikes and scooters for inclusive education and light diffusers/covers for classrooms.

Mr. Hay takes one more for the team.

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