Seniors’ lodge runs low on supplies

Leader staff

Vanderwell seniors’ lodge in Slave Lake was running low last week on important supplies for its residents. Rebecca King, who sits on the regional housing authority board, issued this plea on social media on the morning of March 31.

“Ok Slave Lake we NEED your help!!! Vanderwell Lodge is in need of some supplies to help keep our seniors safe during these unprecedented times! Currently we are in desperate need of a forehead thermometer to help take daily temperatures. Also, we are running dangerously low on hand sanitizer and gloves! If anyone has any of these items that they can spare please contact me ASAP or comment below. Thank you in advance because I know as a community we will make sure our seniors are well taken care of.”

King tells The Leader the regular suppliers of these items “just keep saying, ‘back order, back order.’”

The plea prompted quick action and supplies were donated.

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